Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we get the bounce house?

Rental period varies but all day is usually available. We deliver units to you, set them up, sanitize them and come back and take them down. 

When do we pay for the bounce house?

Bounce Houses are booked on a first come, first serve basis. A Credit Card is required to secure the time and date when booking. Cash is paid on Delivery or 10% added for credit cards or checks. Prior approval required for check or credit card processing.

What is your rain policy?

Due to liability we cannot set up bounce houses in the rain. We will do our best to work around the rain so you can still have a bounce house party. You will not be charged if you cancel because of rain. If we set up the bounce house and have to come and take it down due to rain, there will be no refunds. Hours the bounce house will be available depends on the weather. General rule of thumb is if over 30% chance of rain during your party time we will not set up. If you insist on set up and it rains, there is a $100 charge per unit for damage and setting up the bounce houses again to dry.

Do you offer packages, or give Charity Discounts?

Each party is unique to the person. We offer so many services, it would be difficult to create packages.  We will discount additional services.  The more you buy the bigger the discount. Each discount depends on cause, if you’re a loyal customer, and availability.  We do offer a customer loyalty discount.  Email Texomaparties@yahoo.com for your discount coupon.

How far will you Travel?

Depends on the type of services needed and number of services ordered.  Additional fees may apply for time and fuel.

Will you blow up our balloons?

Yes we will but we will not guarantee them.  You must pre-pay for any inflation and if they pop, we will not replace.  There is a minimum of $30 for people that are not having their event with us. It’s kinda like bringing your own steak to a restaurant and asking them to cook it for free.  We do sell balloons.